Schubert’s Ghost


Before the Downbeat

Franz_SchubertThe 32nd-note runs were sparkling today, as were the articulations and phrasing we had been working on for weeks. Things were falling in to place, much where they should be with only two rehearsals remaining before the concert. Yet, something else seemed different. It was as if a presence had entered the room.

No, it wasn’t the Dean of the College, who actually did happen to pop in to observe rehearsal. A bemusing thought occurred that maybe he was avoiding his next appointment, but….no, it wasn’t the Dean, although we are certainly honored he stopped by.

The presence we felt was more visceral. And it has happened before. It takes hold of an orchestra when the conditions are right. Some might explain it away as mere excitement. But I suspect that it is more of a real thing.

Schubert’s Ghost!

“…we see what we see because these ghosts…

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